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Announcement 1 Reminder: Our Lifesize Community is Moving
Announcement:Reminder: Our Lifesize Community is Moving

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The world’s first true 4K video and 4K full-motion content sharing video conferencing solution. The combination of Lifesize Icon 700 and the Lifesize service delivers an unprecedented communication and collaboration experience that makes it easy to connect for a conversation or conduct a high-profile meeting — and feel like

Wanted to get some customer feedback on how you all set up your conference rooms. Let me know what you prefer!
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Please review this document if you have received a Lifesize Icon 700 system. During the beta process, you must obtain a new account for Lifesize Icon 700 to work properly. This document provides details for creating a new account. There will be modifications to the process with the general availability of Lifesize Icon 700 systems, and