2017 Community Review

Blog Post created by michaelt on Dec 29, 2017

Hi everyone,

A lot has gone on this past year... We had a great bike build again this year, where our teams race to build the first working bike and ride across the finish line. As with the previous 3 years, all bikes were then rebuilt by our engineers and given to Helping Hand Home for Children. We have spent some quality time with the dogs and cats at the Austin Animal Center. We wrapped the year with a fantastic holiday party and celebrated our teams and the many wins of the year.


One of the greatest rewards I get to see as I summarize my weekly Exec reports is the content and the contributions you have all made to the community. I want to share these numbers with you, as I am feeling incredibly fortunate to be involved with this helpful and ever-growing community. It truly has become a place to share ideas, provide each other solutions, and get to know one another.


From Jan 1 of 2017...

  • We have gained over 2570 registered members, bringing the total community membership to 8154.
  • As a chorus, we have answered 201 questions and provided 207 helpful responses.
  • Answered questions have been viewed 726850 times. Our members provide the knowledge our members are looking for.
  • 373 documents were created, 536 discussions were started and questions asked, 16 blog posts were written, you were polled 6 times, 51 videos were shot and posted, and you gave us 233 ideas.
  • We have over 5500 pieces of content in the community.


And speaking of content…

The top 10 of 2017:

Lifesize Server, SfB/Lync and Tunnel Gateway IP Address List

With 22308 views, this document easily takes the #1 position. We know a number of you need these IPs for your firewall rules, and we will keep them updated.

Mac OS Sierra 10.12.4 Night Shift Issue

Pulling into second with 19919 views, Apple introduces night mode and brings pink and orange hues to your presentations.

Lifesize Technical Specialist (LTS) - Worldwide

We all want to stay as technically sharp as possible about our equipment, so it is great to see the Technical Specialist overview garnering 18204 views. By the way, this content was just updated yesterday. Thank you to our Sales Engineering team for their efforts and dedication.

Release Notes – Lifesize Icon Series

Somehow I doubt this document and its sister document below will be leaving the top 10 for a long time (13780 views).

Lifesize - Demo / Test sites 

When you have come to the end of you rollout and just want to make sure you got it all correct, give one of these sites a call (13671 views).

Release Notes - Lifesize Cloud 

We are continually updating our software, expanding the features and bolstering our foundations. Keep an eye on these for the latest and greatest info about all we are doing (10923 views).

Download Software for Lifesize Cloud 

And even though this doc is outdated, it does redirect you to where you can find the latest and greatest downloads for our clients (9707 views).

Admin Username and Password Reset 

One of our first pieces of content and obviously still helping out many (9054 views).

Announcing Open Beta for the New Lifesize Web and Desktop Apps 

Remember this summer fondly…  the seeds of new client were planted in the spring and presented for your review in July (8822 views).

Are there any Cloud testing locations like the fish tanks? 

Like the previous document, this one was a partial list of demo and test sites… so it redirects to the one above (8605 views).


Thank you everyone for a great year. Looking forward to an even better 2018!